Playable Races:

Arcalos – A tall, humanoid race with innate magical power.

Dwarf – Stout, stalwart and bold.

Gnome – Small in stature but large in imagination and skill.

Goblin – Cunning and often cruel creatures of varying size and color.

Half-Elf – The trubreeding progeny of human and elf.

Human – A seafaring, cosmopolitan race, known for their adaptive skills.

Rakince – A ratlike race that are analytical and perceptive.

Nonplayable Races:

Dragonspawn – The scum of Angeda.

Elf – Mostly extinct, very few pure elves exist now.

Gnoll – Savage and vicious canines.

Kurovar – A warlike race from an exotic land.

Paddleby – A peaceful, gentle and wise sea-dwelling people.

Zol – Mysterious stoneskinned people from Domeb.


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