A modern marvel, Clockwork is part city, part permanent carnival, and part mobile fortress. The creation of the eccentric gnome Oswalt Dreamfinder, Clockwork moves from place-to-place in Angeda, bringing its wonders and delights everywhere it chooses to settle.

Oswalt created Clockwork partially as an answer to the Empire‘s increased attention on military artifice, and partially as a tribute to the late Empress Hillhater Jor-Nok. Oswalt had long dreamed of using technology to create innovative entertainment devices to bring joy into people’s lives. Independently, and with funding from various wealthy business venues who supported the project (including, so the rumors claim, Oswalt’s old friend the President), he set about building his greatest creation: a traveling urban center with an infrastructure of fun, not war. Upon its completion, Clockwork was much lauded by the public, and even the Union begrudgingly admitted that such a thing was a work of genius.

Clockwork is gargantuan in size, a titanic mechanical machine of spinning gears and steam. When moving, the underside of the city deploys huge mechanical legs that allow it to cross all kinds of terrain without worry. Many have claimed the city looks like a spangled spider when on the move, hissing and clanking across the land.

The city itself rides on top of the main mechanical structure, and is bedecked like a permanent fair. Buildings sport bright colors and fanciful designs, the streets are clean and well-organized, and cheerful music is always in the air. Rides and other amusements are never far away, often passing through many of the public buildings themselves. The city is divided into themed districts, each with certain flavor or character. At the very center of the city is the Castle, a complex construction of stone, copper and spinning clockwork mechanisms, where Oswalt lives. At night, fireworks light up the sky over Clockwork, launched from the Castle.

Most of the people working in the city maintain Clockwork and work directly for Oswalt. Though Oswalt keeps and extensive number of gadget golems and mechanical helpers, he prefers to get his help from living, breathing people; this has made him well-liked by most of his employees. Not being a discriminatory sort, Oswalt hires anyone who has credentials, regardless of race. As a result, Clockwork contains the largest population of dwarves in the Empire, who use the city as a refuge.

The Districts

Clock Street is the thoroughfare at the main entrance of Clockwork. Modeled after the traditional gnome townships of Tir Isle, it contains a great number of quaint shops where independent vendors sell their wares, usually hand-crafted. At the end of the street sits The Castle, as well as entrances to other districts.

Jungle Gardens is modeled after the wonders of nature. The buildings here are built in a series of massive trees, connected by wooden walkways and bridges. An intense ride known as “The Vine Coaster” allows its riders to zip through the jungle foliage and careen through the treetops. Below, a special waterway among the tree roots pumps into the rest of the park, the start of an artificial river.

Faerie Court is district contained in one massive building. Inside, the ceiling has been enchanted to eternally look like the sky at twilight, and the plants here glow with eerie luminescence. Everything here is built with an air of mystery and allure, evoking stories of faeries and other fey creatures.

Dragon Towers is the place to be for thrill-seekers. The buildings here are of somber stone and look as if they have been scorched and scoured by eons of dragonfire. Here are countless rollercoasters and intense, whirling gadgets, evoking the power and ferocity supposedly held by dragons.


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