• Moltencage, the capital of Nebravance and the home of the Union.
  • Clockwork, an ongoing rakince and gnome project, and a modern marvel.
  • Mount McFisticuffs, one of the few independent dwarven cities that remain.
  • Amberlamps, a coastal city controlled by the human race.
  • Tir Isle, the homeland of the gnomes.
  • Keyshava, the treetop domain of the gifted druidic folk of the south.
  • Great Pligmalik, an old ruin-city the goblins inhabit.
  • Lockbridge, a city of the human kingdom of Bertag, close to the coast.


  • Ezos Hub, a trading post in the jungle
  • Hildobrin, a lawless town on an island, built from the timbers of scuttled ships and home to smugglers and pirates.
  • Feegan’s Den, a traditional rakince burrow settlement.

Points of Interest


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