The New Age

Rebel Team Session 1
A prison break at Red Gaols!

Robin – Gardenia Ramirez, gnome alchemist.
Katie – Firewhisker Hans-Ley, rakince gadgeteer
Trayton – Krell, goblin shaman

It seemed like just another day in the dreary, dusty confines of Red Gaols prison. The morning alarm was sounded and the guards made their rounds to bring the inmates out of their cells for breakfast. Confined on Level 2 of the underground prison, Gardenia, Firewhisker and Krell were among the first roused to start the day. As they are were shuffled out of their cells by their armed turnkey, Firewhisker noticed that the remaining cell in their block, which had until the night before been holding a quiet goblin named Grik, was now empty. Inquiring about this, the answer she got from the turnkey was that the Warden had had Grik transferred last night, to some point unknown.

An uneventful breakfast in the large cavern mess hall was interrupted by a broadcast announcement: all prisoners were to assemble in the main yard below Redpaw’s Rest and await further instructions. The trio joined the collective of inmates as they assembled in the massive yard to watch as the Warden arrived with a bizarre-looking gnome and a studious, red-haired human woman. Fidget nervously mentioned over loudspeaker that these two were Imperial Inspectors, and that as a token of his goodwill, the prisoners would be given a break from all mining duties that day and allowed to “relax” in their cells. With that, Fidget dismissed everyone and led the inspectors into the complex.

Later, in their cell, Gardenia and Fireshwiker discussed the possibility of doing something to cause a ruckus and ruin Fidget in front of the inspectors, while Krell communed with his agitated spirit patrons. Suddenly, the human inspector arrived at their cells by herself and, upon discovering that the cell that had been Grik’s was empty, seemed to drop the turnkey unconscious with only a glare and disable the clockwork bird sentry with some unseen force. She then freed Gardenia, Firewhisker and Krell from their cells and offered an explanation; introducing herself as “Sophie,” she and her gnome partner had come here undercover, looking for the very goblin that had been transferred the night prior, and she needed now to get into Fidget’s office and look over his files…something she had not counted on before. The trio agree to help her in exchange for their freedom.

The group decided to split up, Sophie taking out the ballistae guarding the main yard while the rest went to disable the magic alarm system deep within the prison. En route, Firewhisker decided they should start freeing prisoners as they went, creating a diversion as well as giving more people a chance at freedom. As riots began to start on the higher levels, the gang crept into the depths, disabling defense mechanisms and avoiding guards that were rushing to the riots. They were forced to fight one of them, but subdued him quickly, being rewarded with his stun baton and a sandwich he had in his bag.

Underground, they found the magic device that would trigger and alarm whenever a spell was cast. To get to it, Krell pushed the door open with a wave of earth, which caused a pair of clockwork birds to appear and sound an alarm. The machine was disabled by Firewhisker while Gardenia hurled a rock at one bird and Krell smashed another with wind magic. Then, on their way back to the surface, they were attacked by a pair of guards…which Krell promptly set on fire.

After freeing a prisoner calling himself the Brigford Bomber, the group reached the riots themselves and made their way through the chaos to the foot of Redpaw’s rest, where they were attacked by the goblin captain of the guard. He was defeated swiftly by Firewhisker tripping him and Krell impaling him on a spike of earth. They met Sophie at the lift and took it up to the top of Redpaw’s Rest, where Fidget’s office was located.

They found Fidget being held at gunpoint in his office by the gnome inspector, Bixby. As Sophie questioned him about his files and the location of Grik, Firewhisker spotted a mechanical man on a worktable that looked nearly complete, and finished the construction for herself. The golem, calling itself Syntax, recognized Firewhiker as its master and dutifully followed any orders given. Meanwhile, Fidget bought himself a distraction by summoning the mechanical birds still in cages in his office to fly around and peck at the intruders, while he escaped in the confusion.

Gardenia ransacked Fidget’s bedroom during this and found fresh clothes for the group, but also a safe that she cracked open using a jury-rigged explosive. Inside, they found documents revealing that many of the transfered prisoners, including Grik, had in fact been sold into slavery; the only evidence of who the slavers were being a symbol of a white fang on a black diamond. Frustrated but set on a proper path, Sophie told the group it was probably time to leave. They escaped via cable car out from the canyon, watching the rioting happening below while Fidget and his cronies fired at them with crossbows.

Reaching the surface, the gang quickly boarded a waiting airship, the Ashcurrent, and sailed off into the sky.


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