The march of progress has become militaristic.

Magic and machines have made the impossible a reality, and incredible things have happened thanks to the wonders of the new sciences. The Rasearronian Empire has become the most technologically advanced civilization known, and yet those who have developed that technology now push for conquest. The once-powerful ruling body now finds itself in the political shadow of a scheming Union, set on making the Empire the most powerful nation in the world.

On the fringes, turmoil boils between the bordering nations. Old ways have changed in the face of new devices, and old ideas clash with new. Within the Empire’s borders, there are whispers of unrest, even outright rebellion against the oppressive order. Tensions are high, and the recent actions of a mysterious figure known only as the Southern Phoenix have brought the unrest in the Empire to light.

Intrigue, danger, mystery, adventure, gadgets and magic; truly, the dawn of a new and dangerous age is upon us.

The New Age